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    Colima Sea Salt

    475 reviews

    Ava Jane’s Colima Sea Salt is a coarse, crunchy, moist sea salt. Unrefined, Ocean-Borne Microplastics free, all natural, and packed with trace minerals your body needs.

    100% Free Of Ocean-Borne Microplastics

    Most salts come from polluted ocean water, which means it’s laced with tiny pieces of plastic. Ours is pure, delicious salt hand-harvested from mineral-rich lagoons.

    All-Natural &
    Heart Healthy

    Filled with healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium that are actually good for your heart.

    Hand-Harvested In
    Sayulita, Mexico

    Local “salinero” farmers pump fresh salt water from deep beneath lagoons. Then they simply wait for the water to evaporate under the sun… until they can collect pure, uncontaminated grains of salt. Zero processing, refining, or chemicals.

    See And Taste The Difference Between Natural Mineral Salt And Chemically Processed “Supermarket Salt”

    Refined “Supermarket Salt”

    • Heated, filtered, and spit out of a factoryAztec lagoonslagoons
    • Laced with toxic, ocean-borne microplastic waste from polluted ocean water
    • Refined, powdery texture that leaves behind a chemical aftertaste
    • Striped of natural mineralsAztec lagoonslagoonsAztec lagoonslagoons
    • The same stuff used to melt icy roads

    Our Pure Colima Sea Salt salt

    • Hand-harvested from crystal-clear, ancient Aztec lagoons
    • 100% pure sea salt with zero ocean-borne microplastics
    • Large, crunchy granules bursting with real, rich flavorAztec lagoonslagoons
    • Packed with magnesium, potassium, and calcium that support healthy blood pressure
    • High-quality salt specifically made to enrich your foods

    Your Order Is Backed By Our Lifetime Guarantee

    Pure, Delicious Sea Salt Hand-Harvested From Ancient Aztec Lagoons

    Most of the salt you eat comes from factories

    Big salt companies heat, refine, and add anti-caking chemicals to your salt.

    95% of this highly processed salt is used for salting icy roads and chemical labs - the leftover 5% ends up on your dinner table.

    As a result, the normal table salt you consume is unhealthy… stripped of its natural healthy minerals… and has a lingering chemical after-taste.

    Ava Jane’s Kitchen salt is hand-harvested from an ancient Aztec lagoon

    Traditional salt farmers simply lay it out in the hot Mexican sun to dry.

    There’s no processing and no chemicals added - just natural mineral salt from good old Mother Earth.

    As a result, it’s filled with healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium that are actually good for your heart

    And it tastes delicious!

    Sprinkle some on a slice of tomato and try it

    The difference is remarkable.

    The salt enlarges the taste receptors on your tongue…

    Enhancing each flavor and nuance in the food.

    Try it on dark chocolate - the chocolate will actually taste sweeter!

    Some people even add a dash to espresso to counteract the bitterness.

    You can sprinkle our Colima Sea Salt on your steak…

    Toss a dash onto your Kale chips, sweet potato fries, or French onion soup…

    And when you’re done, feel free to lick your fingers, it’s amazing!

    Your Order Is Backed By Our Lifetime Guarantee

    Ava Jane’s Kitchen - A Company Built On Family, Trust, And A Love For
    Delicious Food

    Hi, my name is John Cawrse (pronounced “coarse”).

    I’m the founder of Ava Jane’s Kitchen, a health food company named after my daughter, Ava Jane.

    Our mission is to bring the best-tasting foods on planet Earth to kitchens everywhere.

    Our Colima Sea Salt was our first product - and we are so excited to bring it to kitchens around the world…

    So you can experience the amazing taste of natural mineral salt for yourself.

    In my opinion, this is the best-tasting salt in the world. And it’ll make any recipe pop with more flavor.

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    They Love Ava Jane’s Kitchen

    And we think you will too.


    Raina Verified Buyer

    United States

    I Love This Salt

    I love this salt and I can use it without guilt. I try to get my household (5 in all) to use this salt for cooking and to satisfy any need for salt. I use it all the time and I love the taste - not too salty like the other stuff. Thank You for a great product. I would recommend this to a friend.


    Andrea L. Verified Buyer

    United States

    I Am Obsessed

    Oh my goodness is the Colima Sea Salt AMAZING! I am totally in love with this stuff. I am obsessed with having it on hard boiled eggs for breakfast, watermelon, grilled veggies.


    Jennifer Ojeda Verified Buyer

    United States

    Hands Down The Best On The Market

    The Colima Sea Salt is hands down the best on the market. I received my package quickly and couldn’t wait to use it. It just takes very little to flavor a whole dish perfectly. I also use it in spring water 5 days a week for minerals and hydration and even throw a pinch into my Superfood shakes. One of the best things about your product is that I had been getting cramps in my legs at night but after a week of using the salt regularly they literally went away completely.


    Linda Santangelo Verified Buyer

    United States

    Could Never Use Any Other Salt Again

    I got my first bag of salt today. This is the salt you crave; you can dip your finger straight into the bag for a fabulous taste of this salty goodness. I could never use any other salt again.


    Diane Davis Verified Buyer

    United States

    This Is The Best Salt I've Ever Had

    This is the best salt I’ve ever had. I ran out 2 months ago and bought some bulk salt from a cool place in San Francisco, it was just ok. So glad to have purchased a new batch and enough to give a bag or two away for xmas gifts! It’s really the best, thanks.


    Steve McNeal (Demetrius) Verified Buyer

    United States

    The Crème De La Crème

    Used Himalayan for over 10 years thinking it was best, then upgrade to Celtic. Now I’ve got the creme de la creme!!! Thank you so much for this salt!!!


    Susan Verified Buyer

    United States

    Really Love The Flavor

    I have been using the sea salt for almost a week and really love the flavor and the fact that it is so much purer than using regular table salt. I did dry some of it in the oven first and then ground it in my grinder to make it easier to sprinkle on prepared foods, but use the coarser salt for cooking. I definitely will continue buying this product.


    George P Buffalo Verified Buyer

    United States

    It Really Enchanced The Taste

    As a child I always sprinkled salt on watermelon-sounds strange but it really gives it a very good taste. I tried Colima Salt on my next piece and it really enhanced the taste better than table salt. Good job!


    Rob Verified Buyer

    United States

    I Will Never Go Back To Any Other Kind Of Salt

    The colima salt is awesome and I will never go back to any other kind of salt. Thank you so much Amy for all the love and effort you put into the recipes and tips!

    Every Bag Of Colima Sea Salt Comes With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    All we ask is that you please take your time with cooking tasting, and enjoying our Colima Sea Salt.

    Sprinkle it over your scrambled eggs…

    Try it on roasted veggies…

    Or add a salty twist to your chocolate chip cookie recipe.

    And if you don’t love every bite..

    Simply send us an email… Or call our friendly customer support team.

    There’s no 30, 60, or even 90-day deadline.

    This guarantee is lifetime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is your salt harvested?

    Our salt is not made from ocean water like many other sea salts. It is made from rain water that has percolated down through an ancient dry salt lagoon, dissolving minerals along the way. Then, we pump the saline water to the surface to be evaporated in the hot sun.

    What is the difference between refined table salt and your unrefined sea salt?

    There is a huge difference between table salt and unrefined salt. Table salt has been broken down with heat and then put back together, minus any minerals. This is so the salt company can sell it to chemical companies for the production of plastic and other chemicals. It's 99.7% NaCl in that form. Then, they add some anti-caking agents and send it to your grocery store shelf.

    How is your salt different from Himalayan Salt?

    Himalayan sea salt comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan. It comes out as a rock, hard and dry. For this reason, it must be ground very fine otherwise it’s like eating a rock. Our salt is moist and soft. It can be ground between your fingers and gives a satisfying crunch and an explosion of flavor to your food.

    Your salt seems expensive.

    Salt has historically been the most valuable commodity in the world, so considering you're getting a product from thousands of miles away produced naturally by hand, the price isn't really as expensive as it seems.