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    Spice Blend - Roadside Chicken - Spring
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    Ava Jane's Kitchen Spice Blend, 4 ounce jar of Roadside Chicken
    • Ava Jane's Kitchen Spice Blend, 4 ounce jar of Roadside Chicken
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        "Nan" to MANY,MANY KIDS!
        I just wrote in a very long review because I love your company, the products and the people it supports but I forgot to mention the Delicious and very different Colima Salt....IT'S THE BEST EVER !

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      • Avocado Oil,Sayulita spice. and carmelized cocao !
        "Nan" to MANY,MANY KIDS!
        Love the oil, can't get enough of the Sayulita spice, and enjoy the healthy cocao treat ! Absolutely LOVE your family company (great photo of Ava Jane and Nana and her testimony). Love your openess and details of your business, where those excellent sources come from, your care and support of the good and hard-working people and education for the wonderful children. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to this great discovery of unique and terrific products. I so very appreciate Amy Hunter, your Master Chef, her excellent recipes to go along with her lovely personality. There's no greater testimony than a "satisfied customer" and being that with the True and the Living God Jesus/Yeshua,Messiah for over 50 years (I will be 84 in 12/26/21)...I am thanking Him for your Beautiful Family Company and speak God's powerful words over ALL of you that says in 3John:2 "Beloved, I wish above ALL things, that you may prosper and be in Health even as you SOUL (mind,will,emotions) prospers". Thank you John, et al ! With Love and Blessings, Judy Johnson & Family

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